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Functional Art

De Osu Ceramic Art is about the Sensation of the Naturalness of things.

Each cup is different, each vessel is itself — a work of art. Based out of Brooklyn, New York,


The design principle follows the natural unfoldment of the moment and from it blooms a visceral sensation felt from the tips of the fingers to the core of the Spirit. Porcelain is used to convey the strength and fragility of elegance. The Ceramics are as vehicles of contemplation from tea trays and other tea ware to lighting fixtures and large scale sculpture. Expert glazing provides the vast yet subtle landscapes in which to roam. The intention is the evocation of emotional engagement through the invocation of psycho-sexual spiritual intellectualism to bring about an alluring product of unparalleled luxury.

De Osu Ceramic art is 

Beyond the style of 21st century, it contains the most organic, authentic and ancient philosophy, its meaning a means of contemplation. What the eyes see is not just what it is, a cup, a bowl, or a plate, but a sculpture full of sentiment, sensation, literature, wisdom and life experience. The dimensions of color, the gestures of shapes, are the landscapes of mind and energy. The lines, angles and colors display the curves of our body, our minds, our thoughts, our emotions, and yet, the waves of natural phenomenon, such as water, wind, fire, and life.


De Osu Ceramic Art is garments of the spirit, they are tailored with the perspective of the philosopher, scholar, painter, and poet with the naturalness of life itself. They are designed to be observed, to be felt, to be contemplated, to be meditated upon. The exquisiteness and uniqueness of the design invites us to take our time, take our heart to think, to be aware, to sense the newness of space, form, texture and color.

It invites us to discover and open our hearts to receive a new perspective on the art of living.

Where there is a color,

there is a painting,

and there is a poem;

Where there is a shape,

there is a characteristic,

and there is a story.

Each art piece is an expression of natural feature,

poetically describing the situation and energy of the moment.

They flow like water in a river, Magnificent like rock on the mountain.



project 3

Contemplative Tea Cup








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